Client feedback

Here are examples of feedback relating to work and results with both individuals and teams:

  • “The coaching process has helped me understand what I am great at, what I am not so great at and, importantly, is providing a constructive approach to working differently.  This has immediately improved my performance and confidence. At first I was sceptical, as my CEO and board ‘encouraged’ me into coaching. However, I now wish I had done this as soon as I stepped up to a senior management team role.”
    Business Development Director, membership organisation
  • “In short, I benefited a lot from our sessions, and realised in the 2nd half of last year that ‘knowing’ how to do my job better and doing it are 2 entirely different things.”
    Senior manager, NGO
  • “Thanks for your help – I don’t think I’d be here without the additional skills you’ve provided.”
    Director, government agency.
  • “A note simply to thank you on behalf of the team… Badly needed and long overdue we made significant and very real progress and could not have done it without you!  The feedback has been excellent.”
    CEO, international bank.
  • “For me it is always great, inspiring and motivating to work with you and to see the effects of your knowledge and approach on people.”
    Communications director, Italian NGO
  • “…as ever, your help, advice and support … is proving invaluable to me (I knew it would) – thanks again!”
    Chief Executive, charity
  • “Your style of intervention worked really well with my team… diplomatic and yet challenging to make sure we did address the issues we needed to. Also, your practical but rigorous approach ensured that we dealt with all the issues but made our deadlines. So, many, many thanks.”
    CEO, publishing group.
  • “I always appreciated your honest and down-to-earth advice, and still sing your praises to any who care to listen!”
    Senior manager, UK government department.
  • “The results were excellent. Bob helped me and my team to work out what we could measure … and also helped me to change my team’s mindset… On a personal level all of my team (including me) learnt a tremendous amount from working with Bob which they’ve all put into practice in the years since then as well. …I inherited two underperforming teams  I again called on Bob to help me…[he] had a huge impact on both teams and was certainly one factor which helped me to turn them into the high performing teams they are now. As well as being an expert in this type of work he is also a lot of fun to work with and full of positive energy. He really brings out the best in people.”
    Regional director, global trade agency
  • “…thank you for all your efforts with the executive team… The considered feedback… was all very positive. There was a strong sense that we have really progressed and everyone was very grateful for the important part you played.”
    Chief Executive, European subsidiary of a leading international bank